Reflection Week 6

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.46.32 PMI would like to summarize this Week 6. On Monday as a client services we were talking how should we continue on our working for NGO project. We started with theme storyboard and with video for final presentation. After this we watched a video how to make the storyboard because this is our next part of the whole project. All groups again splitted together discussed and tried to come up with some creative ideas. The next step today ( Wednesday 7.10. 2015) , we were working on the storyboard which is based on our scripts . In storyboard we put some basic but interesting informations about water, how poor and rich people use the water and also how to put people together to make one big company and try to find our solution for NGO. Also for this Wednesday we arranged the hangout call with Francois and Nancy. We were talking about Script solutions for IWF. By this calls we wanted to let them know about all our plans. We explained Francois Burley every part of the script for IWF( International Water Foundation)- What?/ Why?/ How?. Francois Burley agreed but also helped us to change some things to make the final video for his company much better.

We will upload a visual of the story board this coming week! SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN 🙂

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Reflection Week 5


This weeks theme was Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding. On Monday we learnt about both of them and how effective they can be, thanks to a presentation by the production managers.

After the presentation, we began to further define our ideas, and, as a group chose the ones we liked best. We determined that the demographic we are after realizes the need for water and awareness towards it, however, instead of just being worried about it, they need to be interested in it for the situation to get better.

“awareness among the young about the importance of water for the near future”

Our next step was to develop the strategy we would employ in order to help the IWF. We determined that crowd sourcing would be the way to go and that it could be beneficial if we create some symbolism to make the IWF recognizable, the same way and AIDS ribbon does.

Finally, we discussed the premises on which the final video would be made on.  We discussed the options of making it catchy, getting people to realize their love for water, and how much they really need it, as well as memorable. However we still need to decide on an easy way for supporters to be able to commit and act upon.

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Reflection Week 4


Hello everyone,

I just want to give a quick update on what we have been doing this week. I would like to keep it short and simple because there are a lot of updates that have been posted on all the blogs, which means there is a lot to read.

On Monday (Sept. 21) we all got together to discuss the project and how everything was going so far. Well, we realised that we started getting ahead of ourselves. We came up and brainstormed all there great ideas but we then legalised that it will be hard to do or achieve for a one man operation. We had to take a step back, keep in mind that IWF only consists of Francois Burley and really see what our NGO (International Water Foundation) actually needed from us.

What we need to do:

Create a way for Francois to spread the love of water to the youth, in order to get the global issue of water out there.

Within the team we made a spiderGRAPH of what we thought the NGO needed. So we could give a visual representation of what we believed the NGO needed.

The enter represents
The enter represents “Less important” and the outer circle represents “More important”

We later combined the spidergraphs of all the teams and merged them together. You can click on the link below to view the document

Combined Group Spidergraph

After we had made this we thought it didn’t really explain what we are planning on doing for the NGO. So, we decided to also create a spiderGRAM, to hopefully make it a little more clear.


As we rounded up our Monday meeting, we started talking about our next meeting. We were all very excited about it because… this was also the day we got to meet Francois Bruley in person. We are finally able to put a person to the name and the organisation he has created.

As we were nearing the meeting with Francois, we were starting to gather questions to ask him and made a plan for Wednesday. Francois started of with a presentation about the Integral Approach. Once we were enlightened about Integral Approach, we moved onto individual work. The team leaders had a meeting. If you would like to read what happened there go to the post titled (or click on the link); Face-to-Face meeting with THE ONE AND ONLY ‘Francois Bruley’.

The production managers also showed a quick “trailer” of what they are planning to do with the final presentation. This allowed the group to see a visual representation of the video and to make suggestions on improvements.

Lastly, I will attach some of the pictures that were taking during Francois’ presentation along with a group photo.

A group photo with Francois Bruley
A group photo with Francois Bruley

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.42.59 PM

Face-to-Face meeting with THE ONE AND ONLY ‘Francois Bruley’

'You will need to be very clever to get 100% ever single time’ -Francois Bruley, 201512015122_10203672568614197_2802487177196925068_o

Photograph taken on 23-09-2015 by: Charlotte Stoopman

On Wednesday 23 of September at 13:00 the IWF group had a meeting with our NGO Founder Francois Bruley.  This was a huge opportunity of course to ask questions face to face instead of over Skype/google hangouts. We received a proper introduction who Francois Bruley is and why he started up the IWF organization. A short presentation was given on how the human development/evolution in the four quadrants model(below) and how this is linked with in this NGO:

Furthermore, the team leaders had a one-on-one meeting with Francois Bruley him self, to get a better understandment of what really needs to be done and to share our ideas collected over the past weeks.

Als wel we have created a spider graph with Francois Bruley, so we can see his vision of the importance of what should be done in the IWF. And we can then compare our NGO spider graph to his spider graph. (we’ll be shown in the next reflection ‘Week 4’).

'Objectives of the IWF isn’t rocket science, we don’t want to scare  people with too complicated theory' - Francois Bruley, 2015

Things we ‘ Team Leaders’ discussed with Francois Bruley:

  • Discussing our Strategy approaches from the previous weeks, Francois Bruley suggested us a new way to go; Make a questionnaire: (Getting information also from other universities/study programs) Create questions that addresses the more brainy personality and questions aim to the more open hearted personality and keep it short.Titel of questionnaire: Do we love water?

    Questions to ask in questionnaire:
    -What is your relationship to water?
    -Do you see it everyday?
    -Whats your need with water?
    -What if you didn’t have water?

    And how do we hook our audience? how do we keep them interested in the IWF organization? We could give them the FB link at the end of the questionnaire to tell them that they can see the results of the questionnaire back on there and more.

  • Francois Bruley is thinking of changing his website name to ‘’. He wants us to look into this name, wants feedback if this is a good name to portray the IWF organization.

More information and feed will be updated soon!
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Team Leader/Team BATCO

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 3.34.22 PM

BATCO’s Sweet Spot Identified


TA-DA! here is Team BATCO’s Sweet Spot:IMG_5957 (1)Team BATCO is a very creative group, as you can see in our very appealing picture(Above).

We found our Sweet Spot based on the NGO’s goals and our own personal Sweet-Spot which we made during the course: Personal Branding.

In our Sweet-Spot model you can see that our passion is design, our purposes is to help our NGO (IWF) & our gift is that we are a hardworking bunch that is very organized and has the gift of creativity!

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