1_005559_1This week has been different from previous weeks in that the focus of our work has changed from planning, towards execution. We have been busy working with other groups in the completion of our video for our NGO. Now we just have to put everything together, and hopefully produce a nice video to submit at the end of the week.

Have a nice day!


Week 2: Kick-off



The work on your new project has started. First of all the roles ware defined as it follows:

Benji Pauly- Tech Steward

Ockje Sisselaar – Team Leader 

Tsvetelina Stamenova – Documentarian

Charlotte Stoopman – Production Manager

Alexandra Poláková – Client Services

Afterwards, the Team Leader (Ockje Sisselaar) clarified everybody’s tasks for the following week and discussed everybody`s duties trough the whole project.The Blog was launched and the work on it started.

On Thursday, the 10 september 2015, at 15’ o’clock there was a Skype meeting with Francois. Here the team members of client servies had a talk with Francois to get a little bit of insight of what IWF is, what the exact meaning of IWF is, what its role is ect. Here are some of the main points Francois had pointed out for us during the Skype meeting:

——The overall objective is to help a community thrive. For us IDE-C and the IWF, the power is in the people who already want to do something. BUT understand that we are not here to change the world, we are here to express ourselves and our concerns – and if that happens to change something, all for the better. This is how the IWF community should come together: For people with the same concern for water. IWF is not a organization that believes it is necessary to convince anyone because there is already a large number of individuals with a genuine interest about water. Our aim to get those people with this genuine interest to work together. Thus in short, our aim/job is to get these individuals to unite. to work together. to inspire the people with the same concerns about water. About the integrally-informed approach: The IWF audience taggert is for young people. The organization IWF likes to keep things short, thus not bore people with long and overloaded theory and knowledge. The IWF goal is not to build a philosophy around water, it’s to have concrete actions « in the context of » a long-term vision.The IWF wants to craft a longer-term vision for access to water, and long-term can only be understood if we care for the issue / if it’s part of our culture. If a individual or a group cares about something, they will invest the time to think about it before acting. The objective is not to change the world, but design the conditions for mind-sets to shift! Fracious words, how he feels about IWF: Confusiastic is a new word for me, but not a new emotion! There is something foundational about working on water, where failure might be occasional but success unavoidable as water is essential to life and our future. The evolutionary impulse will always look for a way emerge; may the opportunity to listen inward, express who we are and create concrete outcomes be a joyful journey in your Project Community! (I know it will be for me!) For those looking for security, know that each time you are setting out to do something that has never been done before, there is no expert to turn to, so you have to choose to be present, and at the end of the process you’ll be that expert!———— 

From the information we gathered from Francois, we are now able to proceed with our project. Next week we will provide you the next update about the next meeting and where we stand within this project.

Have a nice day guys!


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