Week 2: Kick-off



The work on your new project has started. First of all the roles ware defined as it follows:

Benji Pauly- Tech Steward

Ockje Sisselaar – Team Leader 

Tsvetelina Stamenova – Documentarian

Charlotte Stoopman – Production Manager

Alexandra Poláková – Client Services

Afterwards, the Team Leader (Ockje Sisselaar) clarified everybody’s tasks for the following week and discussed everybody`s duties trough the whole project.The Blog was launched and the work on it started.

On Thursday, the 10 september 2015, at 15’ o’clock there was a Skype meeting with Francois. Here the team members of client servies had a talk with Francois to get a little bit of insight of what IWF is, what the exact meaning of IWF is, what its role is ect. Here are some of the main points Francois had pointed out for us during the Skype meeting:

——The overall objective is to help a community thrive. For us IDE-C and the IWF, the power is in the people who already want to do something. BUT understand that we are not here to change the world, we are here to express ourselves and our concerns – and if that happens to change something, all for the better. This is how the IWF community should come together: For people with the same concern for water. IWF is not a organization that believes it is necessary to convince anyone because there is already a large number of individuals with a genuine interest about water. Our aim to get those people with this genuine interest to work together. Thus in short, our aim/job is to get these individuals to unite. to work together. to inspire the people with the same concerns about water. About the integrally-informed approach: The IWF audience taggert is for young people. The organization IWF likes to keep things short, thus not bore people with long and overloaded theory and knowledge. The IWF goal is not to build a philosophy around water, it’s to have concrete actions « in the context of » a long-term vision.The IWF wants to craft a longer-term vision for access to water, and long-term can only be understood if we care for the issue / if it’s part of our culture. If a individual or a group cares about something, they will invest the time to think about it before acting. The objective is not to change the world, but design the conditions for mind-sets to shift! Fracious words, how he feels about IWF: Confusiastic is a new word for me, but not a new emotion! There is something foundational about working on water, where failure might be occasional but success unavoidable as water is essential to life and our future. The evolutionary impulse will always look for a way emerge; may the opportunity to listen inward, express who we are and create concrete outcomes be a joyful journey in your Project Community! (I know it will be for me!) For those looking for security, know that each time you are setting out to do something that has never been done before, there is no expert to turn to, so you have to choose to be present, and at the end of the process you’ll be that expert!———— 

From the information we gathered from Francois, we are now able to proceed with our project. Next week we will provide you the next update about the next meeting and where we stand within this project.

Have a nice day guys!


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Benji Pauly


  • Benji
  • 13-12-95


When I think back on my childhood, I can vividly remember a passion for building things. As a kid I would always take packaging materials and build things out of them. I would use Styrofoam to make boats, and cardboard to make mission control centers. My room consisted of 20% furniture and 80% Lego, everything I did had a creative aspect to it.

As I began to mature, and my tastes and preferences changed, the one constant was always creation and design. In my teens I switched from mainly building Lego, to pursuing new challenges in building out of different materials, be it wood, metal, or plastic, there was always something to be made. By the time I started drinking beer I was soon to find that I could also make it and create my own beers to my liking, once again letting me design and create things that interest me.
Following the same mindset, I decided to study IDE in The Hague, as I hope it will help me develop my design and creative skills. As well as prepare me to be able to apply them in a professional environment, without compromising my interests. I want to do what makes me happy.

This is me: Charlotte Stoopman


  • Charlotte Stoopman
  • 19 years old
  • Dutch


My name is Charlotte. I’m from The Netherlands however, I have been living abroad since I was young. I have lived in Sweden and in Dubai. It’s surprising how many people (outside the expat community) don’t fully understand the concept of being an international student. I’ve had to explain countless times that I’m Dutch and that I only lived in Sweden but am not from there. Besides the explanations, I think there is only positive things about living abroad. It allowed me to discover that I love to travel and see the world. I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to see the world already. I have gone to some amazing places and learned a lot about the different cultures. I have traveled to places like New York, Africa, Japan and a few other Asian countries, and a ton of places in Europe.

Some of my hobbies and interests are building and designing things, mostly furniture, as well as cooking, baking and nail art. I love to do sports however I don’t have the best relationship with sports. You see, I have broken a lot of bones while playing sports, I could write a list but then we will be here until tomorrow, because of this I have decided that I should limit myself to water sports and snowboarding.

My journey of living abroad has come to a pause when I decided to move back to The Netherlands for the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) course at The Hague University of Applies Sciences. I say pause because in the future I really want to keep moving around and learn about a lot more cultures. I chose this course because I have always wanted to do something in design but was never sure on what exactly. When I found this course I felt like I could connect to it. The information I found about the course just described exactly what I was looking for and now I’m here starting my first year of IDE.


Ockje “Stress Free” Sisselaar

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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.32.20 PM

  • Ockje Sisselaar
  • 22-09-1995
  • Dutch

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ockje Sisselaar and I, like most others am a first
year student at the IDE program at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Here is a little summary of who I am and why I had chosen for the IDE program.

I am a dutch citizen and have now lived in the Netherlands for about 6 years however in my childhood I have had the luxury to have lived around the globe. I have lived in Aberdeen Scotland, Gabon Africa, Dubai U.A.E, Houston Texas, Bangalore India, London England, and now The Hague/Delft Netherlands. I am not the only student at this program that has had this luxury of course but having to of had this opportunity I have gained a lot of cultural knowledge.

How I have gotten to this choice of study was a long road. After finishing high school in the year of 2014, I was accepted to attend a art school at “Willem de Kooning academy” in Rotterdam. After a short time at this academy, my mindset was set on something else. Due to my stop so early in the academic year, I decided to get some work experience and a bit of extra cash as a secretary in Leiden at HSK Groep. With my extra earnings I planned a solo trip to the land of Hobbits, New Zealand. One of the main reasons why I went to New Zealand is because I love to kitesurf. When I am Kitesurfing i am able to let go of everything, I get a clear mind. During my stay there, I had also completed a Kitesurf-instructor course, which allowed me to find work back in the Netherlands. Thus next to my study, I work part-time as a kitesurf-instructor in Scheveningen. Thus anyone interested to learning a new exiting sport, let me know.

This is one of the main reasons why I had chosen to do the IDE program because I want to make my hobby, my work, my future. At least for now 😉 always keeping my options open.

Anyways, what else.. currently living in Delft, I am part of a ‘Studentenverenigingen’ (type of sorority thing) there.
I am a very outgoing person, like having a good time and having relaxed vibes around me AND I know the Hague
very well, thus if anyone needs help getting around, just ask.

Now, having read some of the other IDE students blogs, its seems that we all need a superpower. I would say that my superpower is that I am Stress Free. This because I like to  be organized and hand things in on time.
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Just TsvetelINA …

  •    Tsvetelina Stamenova / Цветелина Стаменова /
  •    20.05.1996
  •    Bulgarian                                                    

Hello!  11880599_1259633037395749_135078866039289847_nMy name is Tsvetelina (“Tsvete” means “Flower” in bulgarian) and i`ve just started my student`s life in The Hague.
Ever since my childhood, I have always been interested in design. My first encounter with this field was in secondary school where I had extra drawing classes. During this period I had to create various arts and crafts projects, such as: clay plates, masks, sketches and others. That part of my life was the spark that lit the fire in me called “design”. After finishing my secondary school I decided to study in a high school focused on foreign languages, where I intensively have studied German (although I still don`t know it ) and English. Apart from my school work and hobbies I am also interested in winter sports, especially skiing. I enjoy the difficulty and the adrenaline that I feel while skiing.I looooove traveling and experiencing new things, taking photos and eating a lot!
Anyway, a new page of my life has started. I`ve just moved to the Hague to start my studies in the Hague University – Industrial design engineering. By choosing this path I expect a lot from my future- to expand my knowledge and skills and to explore every single part of the process of inventing, designing and selling a product, to find new friends and collect many new memories AND to find my superpower.   🙂