Reflection Week 7


The week started with the discussion of our progress as team “BATCO”. We had a talk with our tutor about how things are ‘rolling’ and if we are working wel together and if there are any obstacles we are facing.

Throughout the afternoon session we discussed as a whole team how our NGO film project will be filmed.

We had a storyboard for the WHO HOW & WHY, however after the discussion and meeting done on Tuesday by the production managers, they have come up with a finalized idea. (This idea can be seen in our previous post)
Wednesday afternoon, our very own production manager Charlotte Stoopman presented the final concept and script.We also discussed props that will be used throughout the video and which (volunteers) does what.

As well there is a meeting today (Wednesday) with Nancy at 17:15 to give a update of where we as a whole are currently at.

Have a Nice Day
Documentarian & Team Leader

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One thought on “Reflection Week 7”

  1. In this post you often mentioned the words “we as a whole” or “our whole team” which gives me a very positive impression about your team collaboration. Thus you also confirmed having hold discussions during your group meetings for solving team issues and obstacles and possibly estimating your progress. In my opinion the key factor for a successful achievement is to get feedback, to question yourselves and to reflect together in order to guide the group work structure and maintain clarity. So the way you would progress the best is team gathering, communication and collaboration within the team.


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