Reflection Week 6

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.46.32 PMI would like to summarize this Week 6. On Monday as a client services we were talking how should we continue on our working for NGO project. We started with theme storyboard and with video for final presentation. After this we watched a video how to make the storyboard because this is our next part of the whole project. All groups again splitted together discussed and tried to come up with some creative ideas. The next step today ( Wednesday 7.10. 2015) , we were working on the storyboard which is based on our scripts . In storyboard we put some basic but interesting informations about water, how poor and rich people use the water and also how to put people together to make one big company and try to find our solution for NGO. Also for this Wednesday we arranged the hangout call with Francois and Nancy. We were talking about Script solutions for IWF. By this calls we wanted to let them know about all our plans. We explained Francois Burley every part of the script for IWF( International Water Foundation)- What?/ Why?/ How?. Francois Burley agreed but also helped us to change some things to make the final video for his company much better.

We will upload a visual of the story board this coming week! SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN 🙂

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Reflection Week 6”

  1. Hi, I had just watched the video hangout that the IDE collaborators had with Nancy. Did you see it (or perhaps one of you were there). Great ideas came out of that, stay fun and be careful not to bore the listener. 😉

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  2. It is beneficial that your collaboration with François and Nancy is as intense. By informing them about your results and letting them know explicitly how far you are with your project, the returning advice and assistance can help you to get much further. Your reflexion makes it evident that your team is very structured and ambitious. I’m getting very curious about the storyboard!


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