Reflection Week 5


This weeks theme was Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding. On Monday we learnt about both of them and how effective they can be, thanks to a presentation by the production managers.

After the presentation, we began to further define our ideas, and, as a group chose the ones we liked best. We determined that the demographic we are after realizes the need for water and awareness towards it, however, instead of just being worried about it, they need to be interested in it for the situation to get better.

“awareness among the young about the importance of water for the near future”

Our next step was to develop the strategy we would employ in order to help the IWF. We determined that crowd sourcing would be the way to go and that it could be beneficial if we create some symbolism to make the IWF recognizable, the same way and AIDS ribbon does.

Finally, we discussed the premises on which the final video would be made on.  We discussed the options of making it catchy, getting people to realize their love for water, and how much they really need it, as well as memorable. However we still need to decide on an easy way for supporters to be able to commit and act upon.

Have a nice day!
❤ Tech steward


2 thoughts on “Reflection Week 5”

  1. I sure like the idea of making the NGO more recognizable too! I am curious to learn what kind of symbol that will be.

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