Reflection Week 4


Hello everyone,

I just want to give a quick update on what we have been doing this week. I would like to keep it short and simple because there are a lot of updates that have been posted on all the blogs, which means there is a lot to read.

On Monday (Sept. 21) we all got together to discuss the project and how everything was going so far. Well, we realised that we started getting ahead of ourselves. We came up and brainstormed all there great ideas but we then legalised that it will be hard to do or achieve for a one man operation. We had to take a step back, keep in mind that IWF only consists of Francois Burley and really see what our NGO (International Water Foundation) actually needed from us.

What we need to do:

Create a way for Francois to spread the love of water to the youth, in order to get the global issue of water out there.

Within the team we made a spiderGRAPH of what we thought the NGO needed. So we could give a visual representation of what we believed the NGO needed.

The enter represents
The enter represents “Less important” and the outer circle represents “More important”

We later combined the spidergraphs of all the teams and merged them together. You can click on the link below to view the document

Combined Group Spidergraph

After we had made this we thought it didn’t really explain what we are planning on doing for the NGO. So, we decided to also create a spiderGRAM, to hopefully make it a little more clear.


As we rounded up our Monday meeting, we started talking about our next meeting. We were all very excited about it because… this was also the day we got to meet Francois Bruley in person. We are finally able to put a person to the name and the organisation he has created.

As we were nearing the meeting with Francois, we were starting to gather questions to ask him and made a plan for Wednesday. Francois started of with a presentation about the Integral Approach. Once we were enlightened about Integral Approach, we moved onto individual work. The team leaders had a meeting. If you would like to read what happened there go to the post titled (or click on the link); Face-to-Face meeting with THE ONE AND ONLY ‘Francois Bruley’.

The production managers also showed a quick “trailer” of what they are planning to do with the final presentation. This allowed the group to see a visual representation of the video and to make suggestions on improvements.

Lastly, I will attach some of the pictures that were taking during Francois’ presentation along with a group photo.

A group photo with Francois Bruley
A group photo with Francois Bruley

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.42.59 PM


One thought on “Reflection Week 4”

  1. Great! Nice pic too! You all look flashy!
    A lot of work has been done. Good reflection on your work for this week, and now the world knows about the difference between a spider graph and spider gram;-)


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