Face-to-Face meeting with THE ONE AND ONLY ‘Francois Bruley’

'You will need to be very clever to get 100% ever single time’ -Francois Bruley, 201512015122_10203672568614197_2802487177196925068_o

Photograph taken on 23-09-2015 by: Charlotte Stoopman

On Wednesday 23 of September at 13:00 the IWF group had a meeting with our NGO Founder Francois Bruley.  This was a huge opportunity of course to ask questions face to face instead of over Skype/google hangouts. We received a proper introduction who Francois Bruley is and why he started up the IWF organization. A short presentation was given on how the human development/evolution in the four quadrants model(below) and how this is linked with in this NGO:

Furthermore, the team leaders had a one-on-one meeting with Francois Bruley him self, to get a better understandment of what really needs to be done and to share our ideas collected over the past weeks.

Als wel we have created a spider graph with Francois Bruley, so we can see his vision of the importance of what should be done in the IWF. And we can then compare our NGO spider graph to his spider graph. (we’ll be shown in the next reflection ‘Week 4’).

'Objectives of the IWF isn’t rocket science, we don’t want to scare  people with too complicated theory' - Francois Bruley, 2015

Things we ‘ Team Leaders’ discussed with Francois Bruley:

  • Discussing our Strategy approaches from the previous weeks, Francois Bruley suggested us a new way to go; Make a questionnaire: (Getting information also from other universities/study programs) Create questions that addresses the more brainy personality and questions aim to the more open hearted personality and keep it short.Titel of questionnaire: Do we love water?

    Questions to ask in questionnaire:
    -What is your relationship to water?
    -Do you see it everyday?
    -Whats your need with water?
    -What if you didn’t have water?

    And how do we hook our audience? how do we keep them interested in the IWF organization? We could give them the FB link at the end of the questionnaire to tell them that they can see the results of the questionnaire back on there and more.

  • Francois Bruley is thinking of changing his website name to ‘sharingwater.world’. He wants us to look into this name, wants feedback if this is a good name to portray the IWF organization.

More information and feed will be updated soon!
Have a Nice Day!

Team Leader/Team BATCO

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 3.34.22 PM


4 thoughts on “Face-to-Face meeting with THE ONE AND ONLY ‘Francois Bruley’”

  1. You are very fortunate to have François in person to learn from and get information! It sounds like you now have an idea of the “persona” of the organization.

    FYI on web domains, there are literally hundreds of new top level domain options, you are not limited to .com e.g. https://www.hover.com/domains/results?q=sharingwater (I rather like sharingwater.how)

    I even got by own http://cog.dog/

    And despite by dog icons, I like your cat hat 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats a great Idea! Will share the information (Link) with the others in the next meeting 🙂

      Kind Regards
      Team Batco


  2. Fantastic to see the report of your F2F. Useful summarization and good sharing!

    I found the website title change to be very interesting and provacative in a good way. How do you plan to evaluate the idea (and if the URL is available!)


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