Week 3 ‘Reflection’

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Hi Guys, this is our weekly update:

We are now already at the end of week 3, Time is flying by! It was a hectic week with challenges and a lot of questions but overall a very informative week.

First of all, On Monday the 14th of September, we had met up with our NGO tutor. Monday afternoons of course everyone is still a bit tired, so we started off watching a video on group size in innovation and open design by Chris Corrigan. The video is about having a discussion that is focusing around some of the variables in online social groupings, starting with size. As Chris Corrigan said “ You’ve heard the aphorisms. ‘One is the loneliest number.’ ‘Three’s a crowd’ & ‘The more the merrier!’ 

Taking a look at our own NGO group and team BATCO , we can see that we vary the group sizes at different stages of the project. At times we work as a whole NGO group, just to make sure everyone is on the same page and that one group doesn’t drift off into another direction. At other times, we have little discussions with others from the same function (team leaders ect) or just between our groups ‘Team BATCO’.

Having watched Christophers Allen’s theories on group thresholds and size, has helped our group as a whole, a lot! At the start of this project, we noticed that communicating and discussing about the NGO is not very ideal with 15+ people, this due because there will always be a few people that will feel left out, have the feeling they don’t have a say in things because they might feel a bit shy to discuss with such a big group. Thus having groups of 3 (team leader or Tech Stewards ect), 5 (team BATCO ect ) and as a whole (IWF NGO) is great for us, because we can brainstorm and discuss a lot better with each other.

On Wednesday 16th of September, we finally received clarity what our NGO is expecting from us. One of the Team Leaders in the IWF NGO took charge to have a short meeting/Skype call with Francois Bruley to clarify what we need that is acceptable to do within our time scale working on this NGO and that will help Francois Bruley out. Francois Bruley wants us to keep in mind that if he had already known how to involve the younger generation, he would have done that already. Thus our task to think of ways how young people can help the IWF (without boring them to death with theory). To get in contact with them we will use social media. What we do with them is up to our creativity. (FB Page, Create a APP game (IDEAS STILL IN PROGRESS).

So now knowing what we as a group need to do, we can finally get our production mangers and tech stewards to get started with coming up with a concert plan for the presentation/video for week 4.

Further, I would really like to give my Team, BATCO a thumbs up! I as the team leader am very happy with how we are communicating and working hard on this NGO. As well a thumbs up for the teams IDE Collaborators Bloggers & Team 5 Kings Bloggers. They are all contributing good vibes and ideas. We together are a very productive team. Had a few bumps along the way of course, but we are now able to proceed forward.

Have a Nice day!
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2 thoughts on “Week 3 ‘Reflection’”

  1. Hi team, love the summary and definitely agree on the group size aspect. I think we can still learn a lot, especially from last weeks group meeting on Monday. Even though we did produce some results we should look into ways of working more efficient – further than just utilising group sizes.

    I would propose having a set agenda and leader for the meetings to facilitate all ideas and questions rather than just going with the flow. What do you think?

    Furthermore, with next weeks upcoming tasks we will be able to craft ideas that will help us coming closer to a solution for the IWFs challenge. I would recommend we develop a spider-graph for the IDW as well as the youth target group we want to influence. We would so to say create a new community from scratch to involve youngsters in the IWF. Does this make sense? Do you think developing such a concept is feasible in the timeframe we have?

    Looking forward to your replies!


    1. Well summarized blog post – you really gave me a sense of how your team has progressed during the week. I’m especially happy to read that you have a) clarified with Francois and b) collaborated with the other teams working on IWF. I have let @ChrisCorrigan and @ChristopherAllen that you have referenced their work (via Twitter.) Keep an eye open. They may show up here in your comments!

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