BATCO’s Sweet Spot Identified


TA-DA! here is Team BATCO’s Sweet Spot:IMG_5957 (1)Team BATCO is a very creative group, as you can see in our very appealing picture(Above).

We found our Sweet Spot based on the NGO’s goals and our own personal Sweet-Spot which we made during the course: Personal Branding.

In our Sweet-Spot model you can see that our passion is design, our purposes is to help our NGO (IWF) & our gift is that we are a hardworking bunch that is very organized and has the gift of creativity!

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5 thoughts on “BATCO’s Sweet Spot Identified”

  1. Hi Team Batco! I like the visualisation of your team’s efforts! And, to focus on the main purpose of the model: what exactly IS your sweet spot? Try this exercise: if you take the three ingredients that you mention and combine them into one sentence, what would that sentence be? That would actually be your sweet spot. The goal of this exercise: define your team’s unique value proposition.

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  2. BATCO`s sweet spot in one sentence: We want to help our NGO (IWF).
    And what makes us unique is the combination of creativity and design skills that each of us brings to the group.

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    1. Yes, exactly as Tsvetelina said, our main task is to help our NGO and I think, that every of us is doing very well. We all are trying to understand what it is really about and think about it in different ways. This project brings us something what is new for every of us. It learns us how to communicate with each other, how to use our creativity and design skills but the most important is how to work as a team.


  3. If the passion is Design, I see an entrepreneurial spirit rising here – that’s interesting! The Consultants wants to use their design skills/passion to solve any of the Clients’ concerns.

    Story: a Client needs a new efficient design for a cooking tool. Here, the client is passionate about cooking, the Consultants about tooling. But we all know that the design will be successful if the consultant addressed the cooking issue, i.e. serving their client’s interest.

    I’m mentioning this because inesamel posted on September 16 a drawing by Laura Stubraite: “Gifts, Purposes, Passions”. In there, two other motivations are mentioned: being passionate about water and wanting to help others. Whoever answered that in the group could be your sounding board in testing the design ideas.


  4. In your Sweet Spot Model, you mentioned and visualized the three main components, your gift, your passion and your purpose, however I’m missing the outcome spot. By finding out your sweet spot, you establish clearity about the needs of your NGO, that you are trying to meet all along this project. Even though the BATCO team has significant qualities such as its creativity, design skills or environmental interests, those aspects must be consistent with what the client requires help from you. A few could be the striving for fresh water, the consideration of water wastage and the serious notice regarding the declining water resources on Earth.

    If you had to summarize it in one sentence, I would suggest it as follows: “Using our design talents, our gift for creativity and our deep interest in environmental issues, we want to help our NGO, because we are aware and concerned by the aggravated water circumstances on earth that we’d like to see improved.”


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