Ockje “Stress Free” Sisselaar

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  • Ockje Sisselaar
  • 22-09-1995
  • Dutch

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ockje Sisselaar and I, like most others am a first
year student at the IDE program at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Here is a little summary of who I am and why I had chosen for the IDE program.

I am a dutch citizen and have now lived in the Netherlands for about 6 years however in my childhood I have had the luxury to have lived around the globe. I have lived in Aberdeen Scotland, Gabon Africa, Dubai U.A.E, Houston Texas, Bangalore India, London England, and now The Hague/Delft Netherlands. I am not the only student at this program that has had this luxury of course but having to of had this opportunity I have gained a lot of cultural knowledge.

How I have gotten to this choice of study was a long road. After finishing high school in the year of 2014, I was accepted to attend a art school at “Willem de Kooning academy” in Rotterdam. After a short time at this academy, my mindset was set on something else. Due to my stop so early in the academic year, I decided to get some work experience and a bit of extra cash as a secretary in Leiden at HSK Groep. With my extra earnings I planned a solo trip to the land of Hobbits, New Zealand. One of the main reasons why I went to New Zealand is because I love to kitesurf. When I am Kitesurfing i am able to let go of everything, I get a clear mind. During my stay there, I had also completed a Kitesurf-instructor course, which allowed me to find work back in the Netherlands. Thus next to my study, I work part-time as a kitesurf-instructor in Scheveningen. Thus anyone interested to learning a new exiting sport, let me know.

This is one of the main reasons why I had chosen to do the IDE program because I want to make my hobby, my work, my future. At least for now 😉 always keeping my options open.

Anyways, what else.. currently living in Delft, I am part of a ‘Studentenverenigingen’ (type of sorority thing) there.
I am a very outgoing person, like having a good time and having relaxed vibes around me AND I know the Hague
very well, thus if anyone needs help getting around, just ask.

Now, having read some of the other IDE students blogs, its seems that we all need a superpower. I would say that my superpower is that I am Stress Free. This because I like to  be organized and hand things in on time.
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6 thoughts on “Ockje “Stress Free” Sisselaar”

  1. In 2005, I had said in an interview in Cobouw (Dutch Building Newspaper) that my next goal was to learn how to Kite Surf as the new sport I wanted to learn that year – every year a new sport – (after windsurfing, wakeboarding, diving, climbing, snowboarding etc)… but have never gotten around to it. Maybe, just maybe… this will be the year 🙂


    1. Season of kitesurfing is nearly over, however end of april the season will pick up again, will then gladly take some flyers of my school to the HHS, and could try to even organise a discount offer with my kite school if a lot of people of the IDE program are interested. 🙂

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  2. Hej Ockje, one thing in your blog post caught my eye immediately! You attended at WDKA in Rotterdam? Sounds really nice to me, because I also applied there for a study programme and it seemed to me, that the courses are really cool as well as the university with its equipment! Which study programme did you choose? I why it doesn’t appeal to you? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. Hey Manda!
      Yes i attended WDKA in rotterdam at the beginning of last year. I was following the Graphic Design course. I thought it was a really interesting and cool study to follow, how ever the before i applied to the study, i was misinformed on the open days. On there open days, they tell a lot of things that are great about the school and non of the negatives. I sonly found out after a month following the course that nearly non of my teachers where not able to speak the english language very wel, which irritated me, because i was following a english course. As wel, the other students in my class where a lot older, (i at 18 was the youngest) thus people where 20-28 years old, whom they all had a previous education in another art school (MBO). Thus this made me feel like a real newbie. Not only that, at a art school, you are expected to do things yourself, so all extra hours, you spend at school creating pieces, and then in your classes (only 3) u discuss your work. Thus i had no work books, no real classes, so i didn’t really had the feeling i was learning anything. So all these reasons made me decide to stop the course.

      OF COURSE IT IS A REALLY COOL STUDY, but I am so much happier at the IDE program, really feel like i have already learnt so much in the past week 🙂


  3. I know about WDKA too, cool courses. My daughter Went there for 1,5 years, interieur Architecture, but didn’t put in the hours to pass the projects.
    It wasn’t a waste (as school never is, you always learn something). She learned a lot about Art History (cool teacher), and that has stuck.


  4. Hey Ockje,
    interesting story of your life. You have lived in so many different places. I think that’s awesome. I would really like to try kite surfing. I thought about learning it for a longer time. – Elias

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