Just TsvetelINA …

  •    Tsvetelina Stamenova / Цветелина Стаменова /
  •    20.05.1996
  •    Bulgarian                                                    

Hello!  11880599_1259633037395749_135078866039289847_nMy name is Tsvetelina (“Tsvete” means “Flower” in bulgarian) and i`ve just started my student`s life in The Hague.
Ever since my childhood, I have always been interested in design. My first encounter with this field was in secondary school where I had extra drawing classes. During this period I had to create various arts and crafts projects, such as: clay plates, masks, sketches and others. That part of my life was the spark that lit the fire in me called “design”. After finishing my secondary school I decided to study in a high school focused on foreign languages, where I intensively have studied German (although I still don`t know it ) and English. Apart from my school work and hobbies I am also interested in winter sports, especially skiing. I enjoy the difficulty and the adrenaline that I feel while skiing.I looooove traveling and experiencing new things, taking photos and eating a lot!
Anyway, a new page of my life has started. I`ve just moved to the Hague to start my studies in the Hague University – Industrial design engineering. By choosing this path I expect a lot from my future- to expand my knowledge and skills and to explore every single part of the process of inventing, designing and selling a product, to find new friends and collect many new memories AND to find my superpower.   🙂


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